Privacy Policy

Privacy protection is always about you – the user – not us. Since you are trusting us to download the software to your computer, we know that you may have some reservations about what we might be tracking. After all, the app is running in the background on your computer, tracking how long you are using it.

Don’t worry. We aren’t doing anything with the data. Whatever information you learn from this app is for your eyes only.

This app is nothing like the social media apps or your browser history. We are not big brother, and nothing you do is stored or even monitored on our end. This is simply another tool to help you know how much time you have spent working, which is helpful for learning how to better budget your time or understand how you work. For freelancers, it is a great way to learn how much work you finish in an hour. For students and their parents, you can find out just how much time is spent working (and how much goes to procrastinating).

This is a simple app with no ulterior motives. We don’t want or need your data – maybe a great review if you love the app. Other than that, you can enjoy its use without worrying about any of your data or information being compromised.

Your Identity and Access

The only time any of your information is used is when you log in on your computer and download the app. At no time do you need to do anything other than use your Apple login information to download the app. We don’t collect any information at all.

Access is automatic once you enable the app on your computer. Again, there is nothing we collect for our records. The app tracks how long you have been actively working, whether that work includes the keyboard, mouse, or touch pad. If you don’t do anything for a while, the time tracking stops, then resumes when you start up again. It is an entirely passive process to help you better manage your time.

At no point do we have any access to your computer, or even the amount of time you spend working. We don’t have a way to go into anyone’s computer to see any details. Once you download the app, the timer information is only available to you and those who can access your computer. The keys are entirely in your hands as to who can access the details about how long you have been working.

The app doesn’t even run a compilation of how much time you work. Once a session is finished, there is nothing tracked, no records to review, nothing for anyone to access. The clock will simply reset and start ticking up again.

What We Collect and How We Collect it

Simple – we don’t. We don’t collect any data at any point in time.

Securing Your Information

The app is a simple download with no way to access it remotely. Since it resides on your system, there is no way for someone to gain access to your information through the app. Malicious hackers have absolutely nothing to access through the app, making it about as secure an app as you could possibly desire.

We have the most secure method available – we don’t collect anything. Without any collected data, there is nothing that we have for anyone to steal. It’s a bit like an empty warehouse; there’s nothing to steal on our end.

Updating and Deleting Your Account

You will want to check back regularly for updates. We do occasionally make tweaks or fix issues that customers have said they would like to see work differently. This is easy to do when you go in to update your other apps (most of which are going to require updates a lot more often).

You don’t even have to update the app if you don’t want to. It’s entirely up to you. If you like the way it works, just make sure that you don’t have automatic updates turned on.

There is no account to delete. If you decide you don’t want the app on your computer anymore, simply delete it from your computer. It really is that simple.

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Policy Changes

28 February 2019 – Initial release